Shift Process + Results

Shift Process + Results

Shift Process + Results

Shift Process™ is the function of business operations that defines systems and procedures to improve workflow, operate effectively, and ensure responsibility for execution. 

These fundamental management practices support service and product development, marketing, and sales.

Operational processes can be outdated and are frequently not integrated with other essential management practices resulting in a lack of clear direction and/or under-performance.

Valuing how process connects to vision, culture, and results creates an integrated and comprehensive management approach. 

 Operational Effectiveness + Efficient Workflow + Responsible Execution

The focus of Shift Process™ is to:

  • Operational Implementation
  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Feedback + Ownership

Clients have found that implementing efficient and effective operational systems and processes, organizing workflow, enhancing access and communication between functions, and providing regular performance feedback have created employees who are invested in their contribution, continuous improvement, and the success of the organization. 

Imagine a Shift™ has tools and proven practices to ensure clients establish operational processes that are efficient and effective, support product and service development as well as marketing and sales, and are linked to strategic direction. 

Shift Results™ are indicators that demonstrate impact and provide a dashboard to track progress.

It defines outcomes that are essential to ensure customer and employee satisfaction, environmental and community impact, financial performance, and more.

Too often financial profitability is the only measure of success.  Measuring results also through the lens of vision, culture, and process drives a more comprehensive management approach. 

Quantitative Measures + Qualitative Input + Comprehensive Approach

The focus of Shift Results™ is:
  • Comprehensive Indicators
  • Qualitative Input
  • Monitoring Progress

Clients have found that developing a consistent financial reporting package, defining qualitative as well as quantitative measures, and communicating impact have increased their ability to achieve comprehensive results and manage better.  Working with clients through analysis, reporting, gathering input from employees and customers, and thinking through and developing other performance indicators has resulted in a more sustainable impact than financial profitability alone. 

Imagine a Shift™ has tools and proven practices to ensure clients establish results that are integrated with clearly communicated outcomes.

If your business or organization is 5+ years old and you know a shift is needed in how you manage this could be for you. 

Shift Process + Results works in any industry. 
This work is done primarily with small businesses and non-profit organizations.
Manage Better Now.