Shift Happens Here

Beth founded Imagine a Shift™ in 2003 first as the Balance Business and then as Shift Strategies. Clearly, the shift continues! She created the Shift Model™ to give her clients a sustainable management framework and a step-by-step process for thriving. This is a comprehensive model for business owners and executives with an integrated approach and measurable outcomes. 

She brings 20 years of business, organizational development, leadership coaching, and strategic management experience along with a commitment to continuous growth and learning to her clients. Beth is passionate about assisting people to realize the shift they imagine. What differentiates her is her ability to listen, meet you where you are, problem-solve, communicate openly, and assist you to create a fit-for-purpose solution with the Shift Model™. 

Engaging with Beth will push your edges, assist you in accomplishing your objectives, and enable you to shift. Clients say she solves business problems and they also feel like they've been to their counselor. As a fellow business owner and executive she "walks her talk". It's true. 

When she is not engaged with clients Beth can be found pursuing other passions such as gardening, cooking, drawing, time with family, friends, and four-leggeds, hiking, exploring, reflecting, being still and quiet, and always remaining in discovery. 


“I am passionate about assisting people with the management of their businesses and organizations. You do your work because you believe in what you can create and the impact you can have. I do mine because I know I can make management easier for you. It's my superpower. I built a model that works. I've used it for over 20 years. If you need a framework and you want to shift, we should connect."


Beth Geagan / Founder & Owner

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