Why Imagine a Shift?

Change is constant. We evolve. Movement is happening.

To wrestle and respond is to be present with that reality.

Today we are in the midst of a global pandemic. We are experiencing a reckoning with systemic racism. We are polarized by differing views. We struggle to understand what’s real and true. 

It is a time where any effective external movement is best served by deep internal introspection. 

What that means to us is challenging ourselves by thinking about why we do our work, who are most important on our journey, how we are responding to the reality of our world, and what impact we are having.  We are holding ourselves accountable to live and work from the inside out.  We’ve reexamined our beliefs, values, and principles. We’ve developed new offerings and added a new consultant.  In the end, we are still hopelessly committed to assisting people realize their shift. 

What about you? Can you imagine a shift? What role do you play in that? Is this your or your organization’s moment for movement? Are you even the slightest bit curious about what is possible or what could be different?

We imagine people whose personal, professional, and community lives are integrated. People who are connected and equipped with the tools and resources to identify when and where a shift needs to occur with the courage to step into the space to make it happen.  What is possible is yet to be seen.  It must first be imagined. 

We continuously reflect on who we are, how we live, and what we do, and we see possibilities other than what we are currently experiencing. That takes many shapes and forms for our clients.

It might mean a career shift, setting a new course, putting an idea into action, designing a system or process, creating a culture where all voices are heard and space where all colleague contributions are respected or perhaps it is simply improving communication to flow freely and openly between all parties.  That is a bigger challenge than ever now.

We work with people who know something needs to shift.  Sometimes they know what that is and other times they need guidance to more completely define not only what it is, but also how to do it.

Our management consulting practice assists people, mostly in organizations, to create the shift they desire related to strategy, planning, culture, and impact.

We believe in your potential to transform yourself and your world.  Ours, too!

Join us in the journey to #imagineashift. We want to hear your stories, your ideas, your dreams, your visions. Find us on Facebook (/imagineashift).

We’ve been away for awhile imagining a shift.  It is good to be back.

Thanks for reading.  

Be well!