Time to Celebrate!

It’s been 15 years and we are launching new offerings!

When I started my practice 15 years ago, I had a plan.  Of course I did…I am a planner after all.  Then after 10 years and a couple of detours I felt burned out, that the container no longer fit, and I was ready for a SHIFT.  Twice along the way I detoured off the path and dove deep into a client environment.  Both times I learned so much.  Both times I came back and rebuilt my practice stronger and better.

A year ago, when I rebranded and came back to Shift Strategies, I thought I was clear about what I wanted to offer and how I wanted to expand.  Then the design phase kicked in along with a busy summer of family weddings, a couple of enticing job opportunities, an introvert’s reluctance to be public, and a course in launching products that left me feeling overwhelmed and uncertain instead of clear and determined.  

And then it happened. 

I recognized that what was really stalling me was a constant searching pattern, lack of confidence, and the feeling of being overcome by obstacles and failure, and this time I stopped.  I decided to SHIFT. Back to the Shift Model.  I started to see my experiences and choices through a different lens as integral to where I am today and what I have to offer.  I started to celebrate my accomplishments, my strengths, my determination, my patience, and my resilience.

Very shortly after a long-realized vision to create products came to fruition, an opportunity to offer workshops again after 10 years surfaced, a chance to serve on a board dedicated to creating equity for girls and women emerged, and a sustained commitment to my practice and pathway became clear.

I’m pleased to share this most recent snippet of my journey with you and my initial product launch which barely scratches the surface of what’s to come.  This week I am delivering an Operational Effectiveness Workshop in Ontario, Oregon.   Group offerings are in the planning stages along with templates and Shift Sessions to assist you in monitoring progress toward your goals.  And there is much more on the horizon.

You can SHIFT, too.  

We can assist you.

Thanks for reading.