Shift Vision + Culture

Shift Vision + Culture

Shift Vision™ is the beginning of the process that lays the foundation for strategy and clear direction.

The clarity and focus at enterprise initiation often fade and are sometimes not revisited as a vital step in times of contraction and expansion.  Vision is not a once and done. It is an essential element of comprehensive management.

It is critical in the process and implementation of strategy to revisit and adjust as needed in order to produce the desired outcomes for culture, process, and results.

Strategic Direction + Authentic Communication + Leadership Credibility

The focus of Shift Vision™ is to:

  • Set clear direction
  • Effectively communicate 
  • Lead and manage in a way that inspires 

Clients have found that developing strategic, business, and communication plans, identifying leadership strengths, and establishing values contribute to creating a healthy organizational structure for business and people to thrive.  Working with clients through coaching, interviews, focus groups, and facilitated sessions enables information gathering, alignment, and the opportunity to practice healthy cultural norms.

Imagine a Shift™ has tools and proven practices to ensure clients establish vision that is relatable, effective, and fundamental to growth and organizational development. 

Shift Culture™ focuses on people and creating a thriving work environment for all. 

Once considered primarily a human resource function the importance of inclusion, engagement, and establishing healthy norms is now valued as a key outcome for many businesses and organizations.  

Connecting people to vision, process, and results ensures a vested interest in success. It is an essential element of comprehensive management. 

Connection + Inclusion + Accountability

The focus of Shift Culture™ is to:

  • Engage employees
  • Create acceptance
  • Ensure accountability

Clients have found that implementing communication agreements, connecting people to strategic direction, identifying strengths, honoring unique skills and contributions, ensuring inclusion, and developing clear performance management and feedback practices has improved employee engagement, satisfaction, and outcomes.

Imagine a Shift™ has tools and proven practices to ensure clients establish a culture that connects people to process and creates healthy cultural norms.  

If your business or organization is 5+ years old and you know a shift is needed in how you manage this could be for you. 

Shift Vision + Culture works in any industry. 
This work is done primarily with small businesses, non-profit organizations, and municipal governments. 
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