Shift Model-Manage Better Now

Shift Model™

The Shift Model™ is an integrated management road map for you to design your route and manage better now.  Many executives and business owners have some but not all management practices clearly defined and implemented.  This process enables a big picture overview and steps in four key areas to ensure effective management of your business or organization as it grows and you shift management to others.
Clients have found that having a clear strategy and an operating plan for vision, culture, process, and results along with a process to monitor progress regularly in each area enables them to manage better.
The Shift Model™ begins with an in-depth assessment of these four key management areas, followed by a review of current practices, gap identification, and practice recommendations. Your final report includes dashboard recommendations to monitor progress. The process is designed to utilize what you currently have in place and define improvements, so you can monitor and manage to know the fundamentals are operational and can be tracked. 
This management approach is the foundation of Imagine a Shift™ and client project management. It takes the mystery out of management, ensures a comprehensive approach, and enables you to focus. This gives you the ability to see, understand, make decisions and calibrate as needed to correct your course, expand your enterprise, address emerging trends, and ensure your people thrive.
If your business or organization is 5+ years old and you know a shift is needed in how you manage this could be for you. 
It works in any industry. 
This work is done primarily with small businesses and non-profit organizations.
Imagine a Shift™ in how you manage. 
Manage Better Now.