Letting Go is a SHIFT Essential

Every year on this day I celebrate letting go, because along the way we pick up things we just don’t need. Attitudes, obstacles, beliefs, processes, relationships, fears, barriers to SHIFT.

We say every generation faces their unique struggles and yet now, we live in a time socially, economically and environmentally where we are challenged, seemingly at every turn, to sustain life on the planet indicating the time is ripe to SHIFT.

Entrepreneurs around the world and in my community are innovating new ways, disrupting industry and changing processes to create a SHIFT. 

People of all ages are finding ways to express themselves that challenge social and business norms, so they can apply their talents and skills by blending their passion with purpose to create a SHIFT.

Authors are urging us to push the boundaries and embrace failure as a pathway to design, innovation and ultimate success in creating a SHIFT.

Could it be at a time when technology is replacing so many human tasks that we have the opportunity to level up and focus on how we can show up individually and collectively to SHIFT?

What if beginning to SHIFT were as simple as defining four things? We believe it is. 

  1. Vision – Why? Why do I want to change this? Why does it matter?  Why is it important and necessary? Why not do it now?
  2. Culture – Who? Who supports this? Who can help me right now? Who will amplify my message? Who will get the work done? Who will be impacted?
  3. Process – How? How will this happen? How will this career, project, change look? How will this be implemented?  How will it fail?  How will it succeed?
  4. Results – What? What impact will this have? What will SHIFT as a result?  What are the measures of success?  What will happen differently because of this?

If you start with your “why”, then define “who” will help you at this stage and move into “how” you can make your vision happen, your “what” will define the impacts you want to achieve with your SHIFT. 

So often, we think the dream is for someone else to achieve or the idea will never be a reality, or it is simply too challenging to get all the right people on board to SHIFT. 

Do you desire to:

Let Go?

Change your profession?

Integrate your personal life and work?

Start a social enterprise?

Implement a project?

Gather people around an idea?

Expand your practice?

Create a SHIFT?

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Thanks for reading.