Change is Constant

Even for a change agent like me change can be uncomfortable at times. I like to think I have a handle on things and as a strategist and planner that I know what’s next. It is my business after all. Yet, that’s been anything but my experience this past year. I found myself in the midst of uncertainty after a professional decision I took two years to make and was very sure about left me stranded after just 16 intense months.

I dove back into a few consulting projects and spent several months developing the framework for The Equity Project, but more on that in a future blog. Nothing felt like it was working, so I went back to one idea I started my consulting practice with…to live internally what I deliver externally. Things got very still and quiet, which for an introvert like me was not a bad thing until it continued for months and months.

There is no way I would be writing this today and relaunching Shift Strategies in this expanded and practical way if I had not been present with the extreme discomfort of the past 12 months. The path that led me to today was paved with deep reflection and cleaning out on many levels (thoughts, stuff, relationships, projects, ideas, etc). I was left with a pretty empty and blank slate, which made me feel very vulnerable.

Now, you artists are probably thinking blank slate…perfect! Except I don’t generally think of myself as a “creative” type and a completely blank slate terrified me. The truth is it was only when I got really comfortable with discomfort that clarity and focus finally came, but not without risk.

What Shift Strategies is now it has been on some level for many years, but not in this form and not in this way. The underlying methodology, the commitment to local impact and equity for all, the focus on change management, case studies and the integration of our personal and professional lives with our community engagement are all coming together for the first time. That’s a big change.

Let be clear…I’ve done this for me and now I’m doing this for you. You manage change every day or it manages you depending on how you approach it. Many people struggle to juggle their personal, professional and community lives. The Shift Strategies Methodology and proven practices provide a foundation and framework to be active and engaged with change, so you can produce the outcomes you desire.

It works for individuals and it works for organizations. People embody vision and manage process. When an integrated approach is applied results change. Shift Strategies is exactly what we think the world needs. A shift in the way in what we envision. Connected and engaged people who are present in every aspect of life, work and community. Different strategies for how we operate. Organizations that are making a difference and having positive impact.

We help you Shift.

We help you manage change.

We help you connect.

Thanks for reading. Get started with an assessment today.