Shift Results™

Shift Results

Quantitative Measures + Qualitative Input + Comprehensive Approach

Shift Results™ are indicators that demonstrate impact and provide a dashboard to track progress.

It defines outcomes that are essential to ensure customer and employee satisfaction, environmental and community impact, financial performance, and more.

Too often financial profitability is the only measure of success.  Measuring results also through the lens of vision, culture, and process drives a more comprehensive management approach.

Focus areas include:

Quantitative Results

  • Develop a financial reporting package
  • Define key performance indicators

Qualitative Input

  • Create employee engagement mechanisms
  • Measure customer satisfaction

Comprehensive Approach

  • Develop a process to monitor outcomes
  • Implement strategic communication internally + externally about impacts


  • Phase 1: Management Assessment in three focus areas
  • Phase 2: Information Gathering
  • Phase 3: Recommendations
  • Phase 4: Deliverables

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