Shift Process™

Shift Process

Operational Effectiveness + Efficient Workflow + Responsible Execution

Shift Process™ is the function of business operations that defines systems and procedures to improve workflow, operate effectively, and ensure responsibility for execution.  These fundamental management practices support service and product development, marketing, and sales.

Operational processes can be outdated and are frequently not integrated with other essential management practices resulting in a lack of clear direction and/or under-performance.

Valuing how process connects to vision, culture, and results creates an integrated and comprehensive management approach.

Focus areas include:

Operational Effectiveness

  • Define the operational implementation of strategic direction
  • Ensure effective processes + systems

Efficient Workflow

  • Implement work plans + task management
  • Create collaborative access to essential documentation + communication between functions

Responsible Execution

  • Create a process for regular management feedback
  • Establish ownership of duties


  • Phase 1: Management Assessment in three focus areas
  • Phase 2: Information Gathering
  • Phase 3: Recommendations
  • Phase 4: Deliverables

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