Shift Model™

Comprehensive Management Practices

Does any of this resonate with you?

You have an established business or organization but are overwhelmed with running the day-to-day operations.

You sense things could be managed better but are not sure what you need.

You know there is more potential than you are realizing.

You work hard but sense you could get better results.

You don’t have time for planning but you have ideas on how to grow.

Let us assist you to manage your business effectively and efficiently, so you can achieve the impact you desire.

Scale + Track + Sustain

The Shift Model™ is a time-tested management toolkit developed over 20 years of working with business owners and executives.

It is an integrated management framework for setting direction, aligning people, implementing processes, and driving outcomes.

The model integrates fundamental management practices in a step-by-step process that enables business owners and executives to implement what they need when they need it.

The outcomes are a more integrated management approach and the ability to know where and how to recalibrate as needed. When you manage this way it ensures the impact desired is scalable, measurable, and sustainable.

The model works for any industry and is best for businesses and organizations that are at least five years old.


  • Phase 1: Comprehensive Internal Assessment
  • Phase 2: Documentation Review
  • Phase 3: Gap Identification & Validation
  • Phase 4: Recommendations


  • Final report of findings including a dashboard recommendation to track progress in four key focus areas:
    • Vision
    • Culture
    • Process
    • Results

At the end of our engagement, you will have a management practice model.


There are modules for each key focus area. If you determine a gap and need to dive deep into a module for implementation, there is a 25% credit on the Shift Model™ per module.

  • Purchase one module you receive a 25% credit or $875
  • Purchase two modules and receive a 50% credit or $1750
  • Purchase three modules and receive a 75% credit or $2625
  • Purchase all four modules and the initial Shift Model™ purchase is free

Why the discount?

I want you to Manage Better Now and the deeper you dive, the more likely you will thrive.