Health Services Strategic Business Management


Beth Geagan works with private health services practices to improve business operations that lead to increased profitability and improved customer and employee satisfaction. As a skilled strategic management professional, Beth collaborates with business owners and executives to:

  • Define clear direction
  • Implement inclusive cultural norms
  • Improve communication and workflows
  • Update systems and processes
  • Drive results including enhanced patient experience, employee satisfaction, and improved financial performance.

The Shift Model

The Shift Model™ is a time-tested management toolkit developed over 20 years of working with business owners and executives utilized to deliver strategic business management services.

Shift Vision™ is the beginning of the process that lays the foundation for strategy and clear direction.

Shift Culture™ focuses on people and creates a thriving work environment for all.

Shift Process™ defines systems and procedures to improve workflow, operate effectively, and ensure responsibility for execution.

Shift Results™ are performance measures and reporting to track progress.


Beth has managed 125+ client projects.  Health services clients include the Boise Natural Health Clinic, Sawtooth Epidemiology and Infectious Disease, Vitam Integrative Health, Terry Reilly Health Services, Treasure Valley Midwives, Healing Arts Boise, the Idaho Board of Nursing, Payette Lakes Family Medicine, Yothera Method, Habitat Veterinary Hospital, and others.

I came to Beth Geagan during the coronavirus pandemic with severe professional burnout.  After over 20 years of owning a small medical clinic, with increasingly complex and ever-shifting technological, legal, and industry changes, my love of helping people solve their chronic complex medical problems had evaporated. Beth is amazing at what she does and I’m so lucky to work with her. She interacts with my staff in a way that motivates all of us. She has skills in so many areas – IT, software, accounting, community resources, communication, leadership, problem-solving, project management, and more. Beth understands that owning a small business carries a special attachment. She’s sensitive to the emotions involved and one of the best things about Beth is I can be myself around her – she encourages it.     

Dr. Joan Haynes, Practice Owner

Case Study

Boise Natural Health Clinic

For over 20 years Boise Natural Health Clinic has bridged the worlds of natural and conventional medicine.  In November 2020, Beth Geagan began working with Dr. Joan Haynes, Practice Owner, to reduce business management stress. They worked collaboratively over 18 months to solve key business problems.





Business owner burnout. Simplified operations, established financial control, and developed a management road map. Owner re-engagement.

Enjoying work again.

Finding free time.

Access to accurate and timely financial data for business planning. Moved from Quick Books Desktop for a single user to Quick Books Online for multiple users and provided training. Increased accountability.

Revised job functions.

Improved financial reporting.

Develop a business case template.

Underutilized electronic health records (EHR) system. Transitioned patient invoicing, payment processing, and inventory management to EHR and integrated reporting with Quick Books Online. Increased efficiency for doctors.

Improved patient experience.

Efficient transaction management.

Reduced costs.

Access to clinic documents, redundancy and rework, and file integrity. Created an online document management system. Improved access.

Increased efficiency.

Streamlined management.

Fragmented systems for email, file storage, calendaring, and task management. Migrated from Gmail, Dropbox, and desktop usage for files to Microsoft 365 using Outlook, One Drive, and To Do’s. Improved workflows.

Increased accountability and visibility.

Clinic branding through consistent email usage.

Vendor fragmentation-many vendors with no response time metrics or contract agreements. Streamlined vendors-interviewed, hired, and negotiated contracts for IT support, payment systems,  and website management. Increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Improved services.

Reduced costs.


Ineffective staff management. Implemented task management and job descriptions. Improved performance and employee satisfaction.
Incomplete policies, processes, and procedures. Created a comprehensive manual. Improved consistency and employee expectations.
Inefficient time management. Established work plans, regular meetings, and improved communication. Captured lost opportunity costs.

Improved efficiency.

Increased employee accountability.